rei tionko


“rei tionko” is my jewelry brand,
utilizing sterling silver for the designs.

“tionko” originated from my
Filipino ancestors, who were jewelers back in the Philippine provinces. During
the Japanese invasion (circa 1940), they sold jewelry using Japanese war
currency. When Japan left, the money earned was worthless.

“rei” is dedicated to the Japanese
influence I’ve had through their literature, styles and culture. “Rei” being a
common name in Japan and a similar pronunciation to my nickname, “Ray.”


I started learning jewelry-making back in May 2020. I bought all the materials and equipment necessary, I learned through trial and error.

I draw inspiration from everyday experiences and use jewelry as the medium to express my appreciation for life. As of now, I continue to learn more and more about myself as it is necessary for my creative process. 

The research for my art is my life; anything that piques my interest. It could be a film that a friend recommended to me, a video game I played as a child, the way the ocean glitters in the sun at 4:30 PM, or maybe a forgotten plushie on the side of the road. I try to stay as open-minded as possible when attracting ideas. I then decipher which idea to pursue and translate it through my art, utilizing the technique of lost wax casting to hand sculpt and cast my creations into solid .925 sterling silver.